Just Before you shoot

Have you ever planned for a photoshoot as a photographer only to remember how you forgot to do something? The thing might be so trivial yet extremely important. 

Don’t be too carried away with planning everything about the set of a photo session then leave out the following: (by the way, I compiled this list from my mistakes)

1. Check your memory cards, ensure you save all photos unto a hard drive or cloud. Then format the card before you shoot. Also, have an extra memory card with you.
2. Camera battery. Charge your battery and secure an extra battery that is fully charged.
3. Camera lens. To avoid unnecessary load especially if you are doing an out-studio photo shoot, pick only the relevant lens that you need to achieve the purpose of the photoshoot. If you don’t know enough about lenses, I have a full photography course that will be so helpful. Click Here
4. Charge strobe battery or flash battery. For outdoor shoot, remember to charge your strobe or external flash battery and secure extra ones if necessary.
5. Extension box or cord. It is good to have a long extension box to power your equipments as a professional photographer. And tape the wires to the floor to prevent anyone from tripping during the photoshoot.
6. Clean your equipments. Clean your lens clean your equipments.
7. Mask up and wear gloves if necessary. I disinfect my studio space before and after every photo shoot. Let us all remember to wear masks, I know we are not used to doing that, same here too.

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